Julian Pencilliah

Author of The Jetstream of Success

Julian Pencilliah, is an entrepreneur and investor who has been visionary in identifying highly profitable investments on a global scale. He has now decided to share the intellectual processes and his philosophies that have allowed him to attain lifes richest ROI’s in The Jetstream of Success and The Intellectual Diamond.

The Jetstream Of Success & The Intellectual Diamond

The Jetstream Of

In the book, The Jetstream of Success, author Julian Pencilliah states that, “Wisdom is the realisation of knowing nothing”. It is only then that we can be open to learn. In playing the foolish card, you free yourself from your judgement. You are completely open to the wisdom that’s oscillating in opportunities. This awakens a profound acumen to mobilise your intelligence into exponential achievements and lead you onto the path of a life in progress.

The Jetstream of Success- Take The Reins


Take the Reins is about a horse riding expedition that goes humorously wrong. I feel the strained smile creep on my face as I try to salvage the pieces of my crushed ego. What have I done to offend the horse, more so, the pagan Gods of crude humour? The chapter was written to illustrate that as we journey through life’s terrains, we need to place a rein on our minds so that they are tamed and trained. We need to harness the power of our minds so that they will take us to our intended destiny. The skill of applying intellect to every aspect of your life is a bridge that everyone has to cross, and that bridge is called awareness.

"Life Requires More Than a Whisper of Wisdom"
-Julian Pencilliah